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For the last 15 years Tom Bayer's School of Drag Racing has offered a program that is unique to any other school in the business. What is your next step after earning your NHRA competition license? How about becoming a member of Tom Bayer's School of Drag Racing teammate program? Many alumni from the licensing program have moved on to the teammate level and have gone on to great success on the track.

This unique program allows you to race side by side with Thomas and other team drivers from one race event or the whole season, from local events to racing around the country, as a teammate you'll experience everything from bracket to super comp racing. Thomas will be there to assist you with expert, one on one instruction in proper racing procedures and race day scenarios, all while behind the wheel of a ultra competitive, expertly maintained race car that will guide you to the winners circle.


Jack Freckmann

Dreams... We all have them. When you get to be older you don't have as many and probably forgot what they were.

For us racers, winning a 'Wally' comes to mind.

After going through drag racing school and being licensed by Jack Beckman and Thomas, I felt like I'd accomplished something, albeit small, still something.

Then Thomas put a foolish idea in this old fool's head that I can take that Super Comp license and actually race on the big stage. Make believing that Dream could come true.

That was 2007; now, with Thomas's patience and guidance, I have enjoyed a success I had never thought possible. His knowledge of racing is incredible. Every time I get in one of his dragsters and make a run down the track, I learn something new.

He has transferred the enjoyment of something I'd been missing in life... Excitement.

Racing with Thomas, his dad Tom, and the rest of the drivers of the Tom Bayer Racing Team continues to bring me a lot of joy. and I've got to travel to such exotic places as Fallon, NV.

Brainerd, MN. Woodburn, OR. Kent, WA. and Medford, OR. Now I know that I can make getting that 'Wally' possible and not see it as a Dream anymore. Jack Beckman taught me to drive, but Thomas Bayer taught me to race. Thank you!

Jack Freckmann

"For me, becoming a licensed Super Comp driver was not just about a weekend of racing down a track at speeds I had never reached before; it was about learning from the best. In my opinion, Tom Bayer's Drag Racing School is nothing but the best!"

With Tom's instruction and guidance, you will come away with the highest respect and understanding of a race car, the track, and maybe one day, an opponent. The meaning of focus and visualization will be taught at a maximum level; a level that allowed me, personally, to be at my best when strapped into the cockpit of one of Tom's race cars. When I became part of the Tom Bayer Racing Stable, I not only became a teammate; I became a competitive Super Comp driver in the NHRA Lucas Oil Series. Tom Bayer's knowledge and expertise helped guide me into successfully accomplishing the following in my two full seasons of racing:

1) 4th place finish in Div 7, Super Comp class, in first full year. 2008.
2) First super comp win June 2008 KD Canopy Shootout. Fallon,Nevada
3) First Div 7 race win and first "Wally" Aug 2008 Sonoma,CA
4) Point's leader in Super Comp JEGS ALL STARS Div 7 Series.

5) Winner, first race of year January 2009, Bracket Race Nationals. Fontana,CA

"To be the best, you must learn from the best!" Tom Bayer Drag Racing School.

Richard Camou

Richard Camou

Tom Bayer Racing is a top notch operation, whether your looking to get licensed, or race an event, they will provide you with the race car, experience, expertise and knowledge to help you be successful. I have raced multiple events with Tom Bayer's School of Drag Racing and have always been well taken care of, with one-on-one attention. Tom Bayer will always strive for your comfort, safety and with helpful tips to make your day full and to create a lifetime of memories. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to have a blast!

Truly yours,
Dennis Downie

I first met Thomas when I was racing in the Frank Hawley Grad Series in Pomona where I earned my Super Comp license in 1995. Being a business owner and not having the time to campaign my own car, the Grad Series was an opportunity to race without the financial or time commitment of owning my own car. However when the school closed their California location it pretty much eliminated that aspect of my racing.

On speaking with Thomas after that, he indicated that he was adding another dragster to his operation. In addition to licensing, a racer would be able to run various races in the Southwest with his cars and under his supervision. This opened up a new realm of my participation. Thomas's operation is professionally run and the cars are in excellent condition, safe and competitive.

Although I don't race often, when I do I can be out on the strip and be competitive because of the dragsters condition and the excellent instruction by Thomas and his Dad. As verification I took home the Wally at the National Dragster Challenge in Fontana in Oct of 2010.

I can't imagine what it would cost to duplicate the equipment he has if you were to run your own dragster operation. I'm guessing at least a hundred k plus and you still wouldn't have the professional instruction and opportunity to win as you do running one of Thomas's cars.

I would highly recommend Thomas and his school both for licensing and participation at the track.

Ken Ginter

I got my Super comp license at Frank Hawley's in Pomona. When I was done with the school, I knew that I really wanted to race, and I had no idea how I wanted to continue. I did some grad races to stay active in driving. I was introduced to the Thomas Bayer School of Drag Racing by Jack Beckman. He suggested that I try his school. Thomas and I talked about what I thought I wanted to do in various levels of sportsman racing, and that I wanted to own my own team. I wanted to see some bracket racing, Super Comp racing and learn as much as I could before I went to purchase a dragster.

After we talked a bit I booked one weekend. It was one of the funnest weekends of racing that I have had. I showed up and my name and number were on one of his race cars; man that was a great feeling! So after that weekend I booked 6 more weekends throughout the year, we finished 8th in the Super Pro series; and we could not even go to all of the races. I even got to go to the U S Nationals and won first round. I have learned so much from Thomas, that it is very hard to put it all into words. From the trailer, to his eye on the starting line, to his top end clinic, there are so many things that he has taught me, not just to make me a better driver but a better racer.

Racing at Thomas Bayer Drag Racing School has helped me to not just get out there and race, but to be very competitive right from the start. If I ever have the chance to stand in the winners circle and raise a Wally, Thomas will be one of many that I thank! The only way that I have been able to beat one of Thomas' cars is in one of his cars. The experience at The Thomas Bayer School of Drag Racing is a valuable tool for any racer, new, old or anywhere in between.

Randy Beck
SC 6015

Randy Beck

Phone: 1-909-578-1110       thomas@tombayersschoolofdragracing.com